Watch NFL on Kodi 2016-2017 Season – Live Stream Guide


With the 2016-2017 NFL season in full swing, there’s one thing you won’t want to do: miss games! Thankfully, you can watch the NFL on Kodi quite easily. The following guide provides you with some great paid options with high definition streaming as well as some excellent free options. This guide should help you find everything you need to get to every game this season.

Please read our disclaimer before proceeding.


We highly recommend using a VPN to watch NFL on Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various App. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users.

kodi security

Free Streaming Options

Looking to save a bit of money on your NFL streaming? There are free Live TV and other video streaming options that might fit the bill. This year, most NFL games are being broadcast by over-the-air broadcast networks. The following networks have purchased the rights to broadcast games for the 2016-2017 year: AFC: CBS; NFC: Fox; Sunday night football: NBC; Monday night football: ESPN; Thursday night football: NFL Network, NBC/Twitter, CBS/Twitter. Several international television networks are also streaming NFL games throughout the seasons, including TSN, Sport 1 and beIN Sports.

We suggest SportsDevil, Phoenix , ZemTV, cCloud TV, UKTV Again, and Oblivion Streams. Each of these can be acquired quickly and easily, and will provide a large number of sports streaming for previously recorded and some live games. We chose these options as some of the best for access to the aforementioned networks.


Click here to access our installation guide.

sports devil

SportsDevil is quite possibly the best free option on our list. You will find streams for every one of the networks we listed above, including ESPN. ESPN links can be inconsistent. However, SportsLive tends to work effectively every time we test it out. You’ll likely make this your go-to free option. However, the free options are still valuable.

*Note: SportsDevil has been having some issue lately, so use this one sparingly. We suggest having it installed and checking it every so often. When working, it’s a great go-to option, but ESPN is increasingly adead link on here.


Click here to access our installation guide.

Phoenix Kodi Addon

Phoenix has a large number of working links to the over-the-air broadcast networks on our list (NBC, CBS, FOX). Unfortunately, we have not found any working links to ESPN here. This may change, as some of the most popular App do change regularly. However, at the time of writing, only the main broadcast networks have working links here. The addon had a recent update that changed the look, although we’re not sure if it changed anything under the hood or with the channel offerings. You may find something new we did not find!


Click here to access our installation guide.

ZemTV Kodi Addon

We refer readers to ZemTV for a lot of live TV options. Its layout and menu could use a lot of work, but it does provide ready and workable access to the major networks. ESPN links are inconsistent here, but the OTA broadcasts are very functional. You’ll also find a large number of different links to these as well. We recommend this one, but just be sure you’re ok dealing with the headache that comes with the somewhat messy menu layout.

cCloud TV

Click here to install the cCloud TV repository.

ccloud tv

cCloud TV is an extremely interesting addon to both download and use. This Kodi addon has an exceptionally clean layout while providing good access to both American and international streams. You’ll find working links to not only ESPN, but the major broadcast networks here. cCloud TV also includes a TV Guide section, so you can see what’s playing at what time. Just be cautious, as those ESPN links go down often. Thankfully, most games are still on the broadcast networks, so you should be able to get easy access to those options.

UKTV Again

Click here to access our installation guide.

UKTV Again Kodi

UKTV Again is a great option for those seeking high-quality streams. The addon provides access to more than just UK TV, with American networks easily accessible through the addon. All of the major networks listed above are there, making this a great option to turn to. You’re not likely to wind a working ESPN or NFL Network link here, but that could well change. Many of these App update regularly, so we suggest downloading it and checking it regularly to see if the channel list gets any updates.

Oblivion Streams

Click here to access out installation guide.

oblivion kodi addon

This excellent addon is possibly one of the best options you’ll find for how to watch NFL on Kodi. Oblivion Streams has been around for about a year, but this addon is now starting to get a lot of attention because of how well it works and because of what it provides. Oblivion Streams is an IPTV addon focusing on UK and US networks — including OTA networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. Lest you soon forget, CBS and FOX are two places you can find games for AFC and NFC matches, meaning you’ll be able to catch the games through here. You’ll even find the NFL Network on here, so you’ll have access to even more content. While it does have ESPN listed, their stream to ESPN is spotty at best. This is generally true of everyone, however.

SportsAccess and IPTV Subs: The Only Programs You Need

There are two Kodi add-ons which stand out above the rest when it comes to both streaming quality for NFL and accessibility: SportsAccess and IPTV Subs. These two services are vastly different in how they operate, but share similar qualities regarding what they offer. SportsAccess is the perfect solution for those who wants sports and nothing else. IPTV Subs covers a wider range of offerings but is still full of the NFL goodness you’re hoping to get this season. First, we’ll provide you with a few easy-to-follow installation guides for each add-on. Then, we’ll break down the positives and negatives of each one. It’s important to note that while downloading these two add-ons is free, both SportsAccess and IPTV Subs are subscription-based services. Both are legal, but you may find yourself preferring one over the other based on our review. Unless you’re looking to carry multiple paid subscriptions services, hopefully our review will save you a bit of time, energy and money.

SportsAccess Installation Guide

*Note 1: SportsAccess is located in the MetalKettle repository. If you already have this repository installed, skip down to step 9.

*Note 2: SportsAccess will require an account in order to benefit from the service. You can install the add-on, but you will not be able to access content without an account. You can do so by going here.

*Note 3: SportsAccess informs us that you can now locate their add-on through the website. You can find it here. If downloading the add-on directly from here, you can install the add-on from Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip. From there, locate the file to install the add-on.

  • Go to the main menu.


  • Go to “System” > “File Manager”.


  • Click “Add Source”
  • In place of “None”, type in: “” . Name is whatever you want, but something you’ll remember.


  • Return to the main menu.
  • Go to “System” > Add-ons.

Kodi App Screen

  • Click on “Install from Zip File”.
  • Go to the file you just saved (our is called “metal kettle”).

Metal kettle

  • Click on “Recommended Repositories”.
  • Click on “”. This will install the repository to your device.


  • Return to the “System” > “Add-ons” main screen.
  • Go to “Install from Repository”.
  • Go to “dof21’s XBMC App”.

SportsAccess Repo

  • Go to “Video add-ons”.
  • Click on “Sports Access”. Install the program.
  • You will now find SportsAccess under your main “Videos” > “Add-ons” screen.

Sports Access

SportsAccess Benefits and Limitations

The biggest benefit to SportsAccess, which may make any sign-up and payment hassles seem small in comparison, is the quality. SportsAccess streams in extremely high-quality HD, or SD if you’d prefer. You also get 24-hour NFL Network access, so you’ll literally never miss a game, highlight, replay or anything NFL related. You also have access to the NFL RedZone channel, which yes, is also in HD or SD. To fill in the gap between games, replays and highlights, you can access Pay-per-view sports content across the spectrum. UFC, boxing, wrestling — it’s all there. SportsAccess provides all of this, for a price, but with no blackouts and no dead links.

There is an immediate and obvious flaw to SportsAccess that is quite a bit ironic, however: it’s difficult to access. SportsAccess places itself behind several layers of security in an effort to protect itself from any potential criminal liability with illegal streaming. Although our current belief is that SportsAccess is streaming legally, many sites are finding themselves running afoul of the law in some, but not all countries. Their self-protective measure is understandable, but their method of doing so also makes access to SportsAccess extremely tiresome. While it’s beneficial that sign-up with SportsAccess takes only seconds, you cannot access any content without an “Elite Membership”. Indeed, creating an account does little more than get rid of the annoying pop-up asking you to login to the service. You still have no access to get into the add-on’s service, so you cannot “try before you buy”, so to speak.

The buying process for SportsAccess is also extremely limiting to some casual users. SportsAccess only accepts Bitcoin as a means of tender. If you don’t have any money tied up in Bitcoin, you’re pretty much SOL. While SportsAccess gives you a helpful link on how to purchase Bitcoin if you don’t already have it, the fact that they only accept Bitcoin is a going to be a non-starter for many people. There is some mention from older posts that SportsAccess took credit or debit cards at some point. We’re not sure when they switched over to 100% Bitcoin, however.

If you do use Bitcoin, you’re in luck. SportsAccess has three payment tiers: 1-day access for, 1-month access or 3-month access. The more time you purchase, the cheaper each individual day costs. A 1-day access is $6, 1 month $14, and 3 months $38. Within SportsAccess you’ll find roughly 100 sports channels for every sport you can think of, plus video on demand for pre-recorded shows. What this means for NFL viewing is clear. You’ll be able to catch every game as they happen, and you’ll be able to catch every game you missed. You can purchase 1-day passes and simply binge on missed games, or buy the 3-month access and watch them as they happen as well as binge on any you missed.

SportsAccess is a great option, so long as you have Bitcoin or you’re willing to put money into purchasing Bitcoin to get it. If that’s just not you, move right along to IPTV Subs. However, be warned that there are some limitations for IPTV Subs as well, which we’re currently waiting to see resolved on that add-on’s end. You’ll miss out on the excellent streaming quality and unbeatable reliability of  SportsAccess if you use another add-on, but the headache may not be worth it for you. Lastly, SportsAccess makes it extremely difficult to delete your account. This practice among some websites, to make account deactivation difficult, is one of the least popular business practices known to man. If you’re looking to delete your account, you will have to submit a Helpdesk ticket. This should never be the case.

IPTV Subs Installation Guide

Note 1: IPTV Subs is a subscription-based service. In order to access any content, even the 1-day free trial, you will need to make an account. You can do so by going here.

Note 2: IPTV Subs is not accepting new customers until late August or early September.

Kodi home screen

  • Go to “System” > “Settings”.

Kodi settings

  • Go to “Add-ons”.
  • Click on “Install from zip”.

Kodi zip install

  • Locate your IPTV subs zip file. Click to install.

Kodi NFL install

  • Return to the home screen.
  • Go to “Videos” > “Add-ons”.

Kodi video App

  • Your IPTV Subs plugin should be available and ready to use.

IPTV Subs plugin

IPTV Subs Benefits and Limitations

IPTV Subs provides a 1-day free trial, giving it an almost immediate benefit over SportsAccess. As with SportsAccess, you will need to make an account to access the services. However, the 1-day free trial gives you the opportunity to test out what IPTV Subs has to offer as far as content and streaming quality. It is difficult to gauge reliability over the course of a single day. However, IPTV Subs has an extremely good track record with keeping their subs up and running and with minimal buffering time.

It’s important to remember that IPTV Subs is more than just a sports streaming plugin. With that in mind, IPTV Subs has a much larger channel library than SportsAccess. IPTV Subs offers around 500 channels and an extreme wealth of on-demand videos. Most of what you’re looking for is likely there, even some of the more obscure viewing options.

The vast number of channels means that yes, IPTV Subs is a go-to spot for viewing all things NFL. Every game is available live, and missed games can be accessed via on-demand streaming. However, at the time of this writing, any new users cannot make an account. We will continue to monitor IPTV Subs’ website and will update this article once they finish their website maintenance. They posted on their Facebook page that new accounts would be disabled for 6 weeks. Based on this timeline, new accounts will not be allowed until September. We will update our article at that time.

Kodi App for NFL Replays

Missed a game or two? Finding replays on Kodi is as simple as downloading a few App. We’ve done a bit of research and discovered two great App for NFL replays: Castaway and Pro Sport.


Click here to find our installation and review guide for Castaway.

Chances are, you already have Castaway installed on your computer or device. Not only can you use Castaway for live streaming (primarily torrents through Ace Stream), you can find some good replays here as well. Castaway has one section for torrenting full replays, and 3 websites it scrapes for normal streaming. Only one of the three sites, fullmatchtv, works from what we can tell. You’ll also need to register your IP address with The streams work well and are easy to access once you’re registered with OpenLoad, which only takes seconds. We suggest making sure you use a VPN for this one, however.

Pro Sport

This addon is not too well known, but a great option for those who want replays and live sports. You can find the replays in their “archive” section. The streams work well, and you can choose between 720p and 360p quality for all streams. A great option, and faster to access streams than with Castaway.

You can easily find Pro Sport in the Fusion Installer from TV App. To get the Fusion Installer, go to System > File Manager > and in “None,” enter “, go to System > Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip > Fusion > Start Here > and select the following: “”. Addon Installer is now installed, located under “Programs”.

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  • Marcela Magana

    I have NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV. Would I get something like it if bought the Kodi Box?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Marcela! You can access different NFL games using a Kodi box, yes. The article lists out different ways you can do so on Kodi. That should expand your options beyond NFL Sunday Ticket.

  • Simon Rodgers

    I am looking to stream live NFL games for the 2017-2018 season. I don’t want to get cable. I dont mind paying for a month to month service as long as there is no contract. Is KODI a viable option for this?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Simon,

      Kodi has some options for viewing NFL games, mostly for those available on different over-the-air networks with contracts. The contracts are mostly the same for 2017-2018, so the options are likely to be the same. We’ll probably update this piece prior to the start of the next season to reflect any addon changes.

      For Kodi, you won’t really be purchasing any month-to-month plans that are contract-free. However, if yo’re looking into that, I would suggest Sling TV as a good option. You might find better quality and consistency than you might experience with Kodi App.